Crafting cutting-edge identity verifications experiences.

I began my Product Design adventure at Trulioo in the beginning of August of 2021 starting as a Jr. Product Designer. While working on some of the company's core products over the next ten months, I learned all I could at every turn, whilst facing all sorts of challenges and tribulations along the way. From there, I managed to take the next step in my career, and earned my current title of Product Designer.

Building out these projects involved discovery and ideation, rigerous customer research, creating intricate interface designs and testing them with iterative usability tests. Upon successful iterations, production begins for functional prototypes and specs within Figma for the developmental team. I collaborated with other designers, product managers, engineering, QA, data analytics and sales teams in order to ensure the designs were not only well-informed, but practical and delightful. One of my favourite things about designing at Trulioo was that every project was a high-impact, core experience which brought forth a new wave of challenges to overcome and learn from.

Here are some of the cool things that I helped build:

  • Re-imagined our flagship Know Your Business (KYB) platform from the ground up, so users can seamlessly search and verify businesses with a single flow
  • Working with Product Managers to define a go-to-market strategy towards one of Trulioo's Watchlist features
  • Collaborating directly with the VP of Product Experience to spearhead the Trulioo Platform Rebrand, unifying all of Trulioo's new and existing products
  • Ongoing strategies, visions and designs for our new, best-in-class Document Verification system



Selected Works

TruliooProduct Experience

BeneathVancouverContent Creation

Craigslist RedesignEvaluation and Redesign

Coastal ConnectDesign Sprint

CuppaCase Study


UI / UX / Product Designer