We Create Stories.

What started as a passion project, slowly evolved into a platform that gives local businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives an opportunity to share their unique story to the world. BeneathVancouver’s mission is to give awareness and recognition of the hardworking and unique individuals that make up our community, and ultimately showing what is hidden Beneath Vancouver (clever right?)​.

Our vision is to have this platform grow outside our city's borders and be a way for people all over to see what people make up Vancouver. We do this by creating photo, video and written content - all with the ultimate goal of bringing everyone together and helping one another achieve their goals.


We Worked With These Amazing People:


Jack of All Trades, Master of None

With no prior knowledge within this space, we were two motivated individuals dedicated in learning the craft, in order to create content for people and businesses all over Vancouver.

Through this endeavour, we learned how to Storyboard, Shoot, Edit, and Produce Videos, Expand our knowledge in Photography, Podcasting, and most importantly, connecting and working alongside other creatives who are masters of their craft.


Our Work


Milssam Tacorea

Video and content creation for a local Korean-Mexican taco joint in Yaletown, where BeneathVancouver all began.


Little Fox Bakehouse

Tucked hidden away in a small strip mall in Richmond, Little Fox Bakehouse creates delicate pastries like no other.


Faebrew Coffee

We dove into the secret techniques that Vincent of Faebrew uses to create his award winning cups of pour-over coffee.


Egg & Co

 Working alongside our partnership with Vancity Keys, we created a short video highlighting this breakfast joint's most enticing dishes and drinks.


Cafe Blanc

Journeying far into the heart of Coquitlam's Koreatown, this coffee shop is the perfect marriage between fashion fanatics and coffee lovers.

Listen In.

The podcast, BeneathVancouver Radio, premieres every week with new guests. Hosted by BeneathVancouver's very own, Aaron Rodriguez!


Key Takeaways

It takes time.
Rome wasn’t built in a day - with our limited experience, we were barely able to find any leads after cold messaging businesses for weeks. We never gave up, and once we were able to get the ball rolling, it only got better from there.

Be resourceful with each other.
Every person involved has valuable knowledge to offer. I would always learn more from talking to other people, and I learned how to ask better questions. I learned how to work around constraints, because not all situations are ideal. Each person plays an essential role and has a myriad of knowledge to offer, so it’s important to always be curious.

It's always people first.
Yes, securing that deal is important, but its arguably more important is to establish a connection with the people behind the company. After all, their company is their baby; and by building that link, you’re able to lay the foundation to have conversations centered around them, as people - creating inspiration for new content ideas.

Most importantly, enjoy what you're doing!
This journey with BeneathVancouver wouldn’t have started without our passion for creating content. Because we loved what we did, it enabled us to push on through all the hard times, learn more about the space, and think outside of the box to create amazing content.

Where are we now?

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BeneathVancouver had to take a step back and the creatives behind it focused on other projects. As of the time of writing, BeneathVancouver is now run by my very talented friend, Aaron Rodriguez, and focuses entirely on Podcasting. But the journey of BeneathVancouver is far from over - stay tuned soon for more content!

Selected Works

TruliooProduct Experience

BeneathVancouverContent Creation

Craigslist RedesignEvaluation and Redesign

Coastal ConnectDesign Sprint

CuppaCase Study


UI / UX / Product Designer